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We build on the belief that there is something to learn from everyone.

In sharing our experience, time and attention, we support each other to grow and become better, more impactful designers. Since then, the platform has enabled more than 70 mentorships and has attracted designers from all levels of seniority and backgrounds to engage in the community. has always been a side-gig, though, that we propelled forward in our free time. We increasingly felt this to be no longer sustainable. After some considerations, we decided to focus our energy elsewhere and shut down

Dear mentors, thank you for being a part of the journey by generously sharing your knowledge and experience. Dear mentees, thank you for your curiosity, your willingness to learn and to step up. To all of you, all the best for your future adventures.

Dear future mentees. Luckily there are other platforms out there, offering free mentorship for designers. Google is your friend.

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Lennart and Henrik