Avatar of Isabel Hillenbrand

Isabel Hillenbrand

Senior Service Designer at Neugelb Studios

  • UI / UX Design
  • User Research
  • Design Thinking / Service Design
  • Strategic Design / Business Design
  • Portfolio & Application
  • Internships
  • First Job
  • Getting Promoted
  • Career Strategy
  • Realizing Strengths
  • Running Workshops
  • Communicating Design
  • Team Building
  • Work Life Balance
  • Project Management
  • Effective Feedback
  • Prototyping
  • Handling Conflict

I am happy to support you in figuring out your best path forward by sharing my experience in career development as well as in strategy, research and experience design with you. I can also guide you through a career transition based on my own experiences and learnings and develop solution strategies together with you depending on your next goal. I want to help you to continously reflect on your experiences and future plans and to take one step after the other with courage and optimism.