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Ulrike Mascherek

Principal Strategic Designer at Bosch

  • Graphic Design
  • Industrialdesign
  • UI / UX Design
  • User Research
  • Design Thinking / Service Design
  • Strategic Design / Business Design
  • Portfolio & Application
  • First Job
  • Getting Promoted
  • Working Abroad
  • Personal Branding
  • Public Speaking
  • Running Workshops
  • Team Building

Dear Mentee,

You are looking for support in: establishing a profound design career (whatever that is), personal growth, design ethics, new-on-the-job advisory, how to push application processes, getting qualification letters, freelance tax hustle rescue pills, stakeholder management relaxation tools, studying abroad strategies.

Cool, then hang with me. Because as a mentor I always advise my mentees holistically. This could mean that you might go out of a conversation with more questions than answers.

Nonetheless, I will enable you to take an active approach on your career decisions and acknowledge your strenghts.

Discussing along your needs I am very open to share my own experiences and learnings and help out with networking if needed.

After a session you should have a good shrewdness to figure out the best career opportunities for yourself by identifying how you would like to work, with what kind of people you would like to spend your day, what challenges matter to you, on what kind of scale you need financial stability or simply whats the best way to tell your boss that you would like to quit.

And no worries - we all have been there and done that!